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FAQ on ShowLister ™ Art & Craft Show Network

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscription Questions

When will my subscription expire?

--Your subscription starts from the date you subscribe, and expires a calendar year thereafter (Other discounted options  like a 2 or 3 year subscription are available). Example, if you subscribe on July 15, 2011 and chose a 2-year subscription, your subscription would expire July 15, 2013 (2 calendar years from your start date). Your subscription includes online access for the period of time you subscribe.

Subscribers will now benefit for the lowest priced, best service in the industry and will gain FULL Nationwide Access to the entire USA. Print format is also available during your membership period, you can order them as an option to your current subscription for $15 each as needed (Priority S&H Included).

Do you auto-renew subscriptions?

--No. We have a strict company policy about auto-charging credit cards. With over 30 years in business, we don't appreciate (and we're certain you don't) companies that auto-charge without your explicit consent. Beware of other services that claim "free trial", "1st month free" etc, then continue to charge your credit card, and before you know it it's months and $$ wasted before you finally can get it cancelled (or refunded if you're lucky). We will NEVER auto-charge your credit card for a subscription or advertising unless you explicitly request that we do so.

Do you accept other forms of payment?

--Yes, you may subscribe via check or money order. You may subscribe by printing and mailing your payment along with the Western States Printable Subscription Form or you may also use the Eastern States Printable Subscription Form for shows in the East. As soon as we receive your subscription order via mail, your order will be processed and your online subscription will begin (if you need a current print issue shipped immediately please remember to choose that option by simply adding the $15 for each issue on the form).

--We also accept PayPal, although that option is not yet automated through our website. To pay via PayPal, please email and we will assist in facilitating your order.

Why can't I just get one book that covers the entire year?

--Real show listing information is constantly changing! Events may change promoters, location, some events may be cancelled and new events are always popping up. Therefore we have created the most technologically inspired, easy to use website in the industry. Empowering you with up to the moment verified show listing information, with new events and changes as they happen in real time! Consequently, printing this data in one single book would not be such a good idea as changes do occur throughout the year, not to mention weekly.  As a result and for your convenience we continue to publish the most comprehensive magazine composed of updated detailed event information as an option to your existing online membership. Each publication is only $15 dollars (Priority S&H Included) and contains a minimum of six-months of upcoming events and up to a year for early application deadline events!

Do you guarantee to list ALL events?

--No, although we work hard to provide the most comprehensive, up-to-date event listings. Some event promoters simply don't want their events listed because they only cater to local artists, crafters or vendors. Some event promoters specifically request we not list their events. ***Advise: ALWAYS confirm with the event promoter prior to spending your time and money traveling to an event. If the event isn't listed with us, there's a very good chance it's either not happening, has been cancelled or could be a community fundraiser composed of local business only. Never the less, always communicate with all Promoters clearly to avoid any possible costly misunderstandings.

What about the attendance figures published for events, are they accurate?

--Please keep in mind that attendance figures published for any particular event are provided BY THE PROMOTER! With over 20,000+ events listed annually, we try our best to audit each and every event when communicating with the promoter of the event for attendance accuracy. ***NOTE: If you find a promoter blatantly inflating their event figures, please let us know! We take this seriously and will take action on our side to prevent them from misguiding yourself and others in the future about their events. Email with any reports of blatant misinformation from promoters.

TIP: Events such as County Fairs or Promoters that charge an admission fee for an event are usually more accurate in their attendance figures than a typical community or street festival where they are basically estimating the public attendance. Our Editor's advice is to always be conservative when it comes to believing the #'s Promoters tell you. In general, if an event says 20,000 attendance, and isn't a ticketed event where the #'s are tracked, you should estimate on the safe side 1/2 to 2/3 of that figure ... so 10-15,000 attendance may be what you can expect. Another tip is to not be afraid to ask event promoters "how do you come up with those figures?" ... example: "How many porta-potties are rented for the event?" (a Promoter claiming 50,000 attendance but only has 4 porta-potties rented, you definitely know something is wrong).

Another note with attendance figures, is making sure the attendees are your target market. Food vendors usually just look for sheer numbers, but in almost every other situation, you need buyers not just bodies. Is it a younger, party crowd? Is it an older, sophisticated crowd? Is it a professional, business crowd? Is this a family event where I may expect to see mostly families and strollers? Pay close attention to the type of people that will be attending the event, and what your target market is. Don't be afraid to ask the promoter those questions, it's their responsibility to provide you with accurate information you can use to make a business decision on whether or not the event is for you.

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